Goodlife Albany is a comprehensive health food store offering a diverse range of all health care products.We aim to provide you with a huge variety of health supplements and foods required to have a totally healthy body and lifestyle.


We have wonderful staff, each bringing their own strengths to the business.  Knowing we support each other provides the flexibility to have time off when needed and part of that time off involves travelling to find see what health food businesses are doing around the country.


We heard that GoodLife Albany were agents for doTerra essential oils - so we called in to get some Wild Orange oil to make the house smell fresh. Before we left our shopping bag was full - Good Life ALbany has so much to offer. We never come to town without dropping in. - Boutique Event Florist

I had not been into a health food shop for a long time, but I am so glad I stopped by GoodLife Albany - I was blown away by the product range and expertise of the staff. I'd come in for whey powder and left with delicious Kombucha and some bliss balls. Good Life Albany is definitely worth visiting. - John Détourné


  • 59A Lockyer Avenue, Albany, WA
  • (08) 9842 6326
  • info@goodlifealbany.com.au

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